Mass Timber Construction

A new wave of sustainable construction is transforming the way build for the future

Mass timber construction is revolutionizing the built environment. Utilizing large, prefabricated timber elements, this innovative material is structurally comparable to concrete and steel, allowing buildings to be erected taller and faster than traditional methods. Timberlab is at the frontlines of mass timber construction and industry innovation, helping developers and designers take their mass timber projects to new heights. 


Emerging from Swinerton Mass Timber, Timberlab was one of the first adopters of mass timber construction in the United States. Our team erected some of the earliest mass timber projects along the West Coast, including First Tech Community Credit Union, Hidden Creek Community Center, and University of Oregon's KCASI Building. From aesthetically-rich residential timber towers to corporate office campus concepts, our team can deliver a wide-range of building types. We work with ownership and design teams to ensure that mass timber is optimized to its highest and best use to ensure a low-carbon impact on construction-related emissions.

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Mass Timber floor layout at Northlake Commons, a full-scale timber structure in Seattle, WA.


With the demand growing for Mass Timber, owners can secure occupancy and long-term leases with speed. Due to the prefabricated nature of timber buildings, construction time can be significantly reduced-allowing your next structure to get to the market faster. Forest Business Network indicates that Mass Timber projects often boast faster construction times compared to traditional methods, leading to significant cost savings. Timberlab has a been able to prove project delivery with early cost certainty at rates up to 20% faster than conventional construction. We take critical steps to engage our trade partners early, maximize prefabrication, and deliver a “kit of parts” to assemble against the digital twin in the design phase. The prefabrication nature of Mass Timber components allows for streamlined on-site assembly, reducing the need for various trades working concurrently and minimizing the potential for delays. The efficiency and cost-effectiveness of Mass Timber make it not just a structural choice but a financial advantage, offering a competitive edge while contributing to a sustainable and resilient industry. 

Renewable, locally-sourced mass timber for the Portland International Airport project designed by ZGF Architects and owned by the Port of Portland.


As a renewable material, mass timber is less energy-intensive than concrete and steel, offering a plethora of environmental benefits that position it as a premier low-carbon option in construction. Harvested from responsibly managed forests, Timberlab works closely with regionally-based suppliers to ensure material can be fabricated and assembled within a close proximity of a job site and reducing transportation emissions. Mass Timber actively sequesters carbon dioxide, locking it away for the long term, thereby mitigating the greenhouse effect. Timberlab offers our clients not just a beautiful building solution but a conscientious choice that help reach our collective reduction of carbon emissions, paving the way for a greener and more resilient built environment.

Mass Timber creates high-community impact through beautiful biophilic design


Mass Timber construction extends its positive influence beyond structural considerations, significantly impacting communities and fostering a deeper connection with nature. Timberlab recognizes the community-centric benefits inherent in Mass Timber projects, as they often stimulate local economies by sourcing materials from nearby forests and engaging local craftsmen in the construction process. Mass Timber structures brilliantly showcase the biophilic properties of trees, creating vibrant and aesthetically-rich spaces. Long-term exposure to wood and natural elements within Mass Timber environments enhances occupants’ well-being and productivity. Timberlab embraces these benefits and aims to deliver Mass Timber buildings to communities across the country to promote a more sustainable built environment for the future.