Timber Engineering

Our service-oriented Timber Engineering team is here to support structural engineers and project teams with cost and constructability-driven design. We engage as a partner, seeking first to understand the specific needs of the team and then propose services that we believe will add significant value by reducing cost, accelerating schedule, or increasing the viability of unprecedented innovation.


When engineering a complete timber frame, or a more limited scope of timber connections, our timber engineering team works directly with our estimators, digital construction engineers, CNC operators, and superintendents to arrive at the best solution.


Timberlab reviews the superstructure (including non-timber lateral systems) for cost, procurement strategy, fabrication, and constructability, offering solutions for efficient design.

Erection Engineering

We produce drawing calculations for installation of mass timber systems. Our understanding of the construction process and timber systems allow us to produce efficient installation sequences. This includes bracing plans, lifting plans, and shoring.


As a middle ground between design assistance and delegated design, we offer peer review on member sizing, connection and diaphragm design, and vibration design.


We drive innovation into the market through the eyes of the builder, focused on research that is widely applicable and will drive down the cost of mass timber systems. We home in on design elements that are ripe for opportunity and perform necessary ASTM testing to prove seismic, fire, and vibration performance.

Vibration Testing

We will perform vibration testing of your building (even if we did not build it!). Our growing library of vibration data helps us to optimize our designs based on the performance of similar systems.