Design, Fabrication, and Procurement of Mass Timber Systems and Products

About Us

Streamlining the Mass Timber Market, from Concept to Construction

Timberlab was born out of the commercial general contracting business by builders of commercial buildings and timber systems.  Timberlab is a group of construction practitioners with a holistic view of building construction.  We understand how to integrate mass timber into a commercial building, carefully coordinating the timber structural system with the other building systems, in a cost effective and efficient manner.  We have mastery over timber engineering practices, timber fabrication, and the mass timber supply chain.

Our Services

Design & Fabrication

design build mass timber stair sysemt

We are a partner in the design process, and the link to translating the design process into tangible information used to make real building components. 

Need Help with Your Next Mass Timber Project? We Can Help!

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