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Whether you have questions about mass timber connections, building codes, or industry standards, our team of seasoned mass timber professionals is here to make your next project pencil. Provided below is a comprehensive list of mass timber resources to help your team gain valuable insights, explore innovative solutions, and find the answers you need to take your mass timber projects forward. We are your trusted partner in the ever-evolving world of mass timber, offering guidance that goes beyond the surface to ensure your construction endeavors align with the latest codes and standards.


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WoodWorks is a leading organization that specializes in promoting and facilitating the use of mass timber in construction. With a wealth of expertise and resources, WoodWorks offers clients a comprehensive range of mass timber solutions for their construction projects. As a leader in mass timber resources, they can offer valuable guidance on design, engineering, and construction processes, ensuring that clients can fully understand the benefits of mass timber in their projects. WoodWorks collaborates with regulatory bodies and standards organizations, contributing to the development of guidelines and codes related to wood construction. This involvement in shaping industry codes and standards makes it a premier resource for accurate and reliable information on mass timber.

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