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Thanks to our roots as a general contractor, we see every project through the eyes of a builder. We provide solutions that result in the highest value for the owner and occupant through proactive problem-solving that considers the holistic integration of the structure with other building systems. Our approach brings mass timber dreams to life.


With collaboration and creativity, Timberlab proactively guides projects toward cost-effective, constructible solutions that meet architectural and sustainability goals. We adapt our services to complement the existing capabilities of the project team and offer expert guidance on every step of the process, from permitting to procurement strategy.

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Our service-oriented Timber Engineering team is here to support structural engineers and project teams with cost and constructibility-driven design. We engage as a partner, seeking first to understand the team’s specific needs and then propose services that we believe will add significant value by reducing cost, accelerating schedule, or increasing the viability of an unprecedented innovation.

Engineering Services


Our team has strong relationships with the mass timber supply industry. Timberlab creates strategic procurement plans for each project to meet project design, cost, schedule, and sustainability goals. In an effort to expand the mass timber supply chain, we source each mass timber structure from multiple suppliers – coordinating the highest value package for our clients.

Sustainable Procurement


Our Digital Construction team evolves a mass timber design into fabrication-level information used to build a kit of parts prefabricated off-site. Linking the design to construction, we build a model to millimeter-precision that accounts for manufacturing and installation tolerances for the timber and other materials with which the timber interacts.

Digital Construction Services
Benjamin Wright, Preconstruction Manager for Timberlab showing the complexity of our facility's CNC machining


Our Fabrication Team brings the architect’s vision to life by transforming commodity products into custom building components that are easily assembled on-site. Our CNC machines are customized to process the member sizes needed for long-span office buildings and tall timber buildings.

Mass Timber Fabrication Services


A safe, smooth, efficient installation process results from smart decisions made before we arrive on site. We build the project virtually, detail every component, and prefabricate the timber structure to transform the construction into a process of assembly.

Installation Services


We're your partner for success. Bring us on board early for the best results. Our team is proud to serve many roles.

From engineering through installation, we provide complete systems to meet your project’s cost, schedule, aesthetic, and sustainability goals.
We think through every detail of the timber structure and deliver a fully coordinated kit of parts for owner installation.
Research & Development
We support mass timber product development and expedited testing through research consortiums.

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