Author: Paul Kremer

Publication: Mass Timber Construction Journal


Unlocking the Potential of Mass Timber Manufacturing with Jared Revay

Dive deeper into the world of mass timber construction by exploring Timber Lab's collaborative approach to industry growth. We discuss the exciting potential of this sustainable building material and emphasize the importance of cooperation over competition as we bring together manufacturers, fabricators, builders, engineers, and designers. Discover the challenges of scaling up the market share, the opening of Timber Lab's facility in the Southeast, and the bold vision for their expansion into the Pacific Northwest.

Finally, we examine the technological innovations and sustainable practices that are propelling mass timber forward. Get the inside scoop on CNC machines and their crucial role in the construction process, as well as how Timber Lab is pushing the boundaries of what these machines can do. We also delve into the environmental impact of construction and the importance of constructing sustainable lumber supply chains for mass timber projects. Don't miss out on this enlightening conversation with Jared Magnum Revay as we explore the future of mass timber construction!

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