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Campbell Global | Portland, OR


The new Campbell Global office space sits on the 32nd floor in the Wells Fargo Tower. Campbell Global, a timber investment company, wanted to showcase multiple wood elements throughout the office to highlight their business. GBD Architects captured this idea in a beautiful design, creating a unique and high end space for Campbell Global. The main wood elements featured within the project are the CLT panel ceiling clouds, furnished and installed by Swinerton Mass Timber. Mass Timber played an integral role by bringing their knowledge & expertise of CLT to the unique feature element. The Swinerton self-perform Drywall team was also a key contributor. Collaboration between the management and drywall teams early on resolved a majority of the site questions & layout issues resulting in increased efficiencies and smooth project flow.


Owner | Campbell Global

Architect | GBD Architects

Engineer | KPFF

GC | Swinerton

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