Mass Timber Residential Structure

The Joinery: Phase II | Charlotte, NC


The Joinery Phase II is an impressive stick-frame/cross-laminated timber housing project located in Charlotte, North Carolina. Following the successful completion of Phase 1, Timberlab took charge of the mass timber design-build efforts for Phase II. This second phase spans over 350,000 SF with two striking seven-story mixed-use buildings, featuring a total of 360 apartments and 15,000 square feet of new retail space for the district. The innovative construction utilizes a hybrid CLT (cross laminated timber) and prefabricated structural system, which allowed the structure to built at a lower cost than traditional stick-frame. Phase II also features CLT horizontal decks, high SEER rated HVAC systems, and energy efficient appliances, contributing to the projects sustainability goals.

Connected by Charlotte's Lynx Blue Line, The Joinery development will provide necessary transit-oriented housing stock. The community was developed and designed by Space Craft, a Charlotte-based housing development firm. In total, the district-scale project is part of a multi-phase mass timber development with Phase I completing construction by late 2023 and Phase II completing in the summer of 2024.

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