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Why Mass Timber Makes Sense

Timberlab is proud to help accelerate the adoption of mass timber - a natural material with many benefits.

Mass timber is a smart, resilient, and renewable alternative. This natural material provides construction efficiency, environmental benefits, and a positive impact on occupants.

Low Carbon Footprint

As a renewable material, mass timber is better than energy-intensive concrete and steel.

  • Sequesters carbon in the building

  • Protects long-term forest health

  • Ties building to the local area

High Community Impact

Mass timber creates warm interior spaces that connect occupants with nature.

  • Provides cognitive & health benefits

  • Supports rural lumber economies

  • Sparks critical conversations about natural resources

For owners and developers, mass timber makes projects pencil.

Build Faster for Less

Secure occupancy and long-term leases with speed. Prefabricated timber buildings significantly reduce construction time so you can get to market faster.

Offer a New Ideal

Provide a better end-user experience and it’ll pay dividends. Natural materials improve health and wellness, increase productivity, and reduce stress.

Leave a Lighter Footprint

Increase density while minimizing the environmental impact. Timber offsets emissions associated with energy-intensive construction and stores carbon in the structure.

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