Timberlab grew from the desire to alleviate pinch points in the mass timber industry, through ownership of essential services and products that are not widely available in the market.

In 2016, as a part of Swinerton, we were given our first opportunity to build with mass timber at the First Tech Federal Credit Union Oregon Headquarters—the largest installation of CLT in the US at the time of construction. We found cost and schedule savings through diving into all the details of design and procurement, self-performing the mass timber structure, and taking ownership of the risk. Recognizing that this type of sophisticated and integrated approach to mass timber construction was missing in the marketplace, we centralized our mass timber expertise within Swinerton and began offering turnkey mass timber structures to general contractors across the country under Swinerton Mass Timber.

We opened a fabrication facility in Portland in 2020 to further drive down the premiums associated with mass timber by expanding the supply chain. We recognized that there was an abundance of glulam manufacturing, but a lack of services like 3D modeling and CNC fabrication to transform commodity products into custom building components. Our CNC machine is configured to handle the member sizes required for long-span office buildings and tall timber buildings.

Timberlab Fabrication Facility Mass Timber Pacific Northwest

In 2021, we launched Timberlab, Inc., an affiliate of Swinerton and an evolution of Swinerton Mass Timber. To meet the needs of a growing industry, Timberlab offers an expanded scope of services, including licensed timber engineering and mass timber product development. As a 100% employee-owned, socially responsible, and nimble company, we are on this journey to meet the full potential of mass timber as a structural system.


To accelerate the mainstream adoption of mass timber in the US commercial construction market for the benefit of the planet and its people.

Meet Our Team



Chris leads the Timberlab team with contagious enthusiasm for exploring the possibilities of mass timber construction, and a careful attention to detail and risk mitigation. As a leader, he
is committed to excellence in project delivery, and to building highly effective teams capable of tackling complex challenges.



Erica brings mass timber dreams to life, nurturing projects to meet sustainability, architectural, and budgetary goals. An expert in mass timber project delivery with deep supply chain knowledge and a passion for sustainable wood sourcing and social justice, Erica was recently named by ThinkWood as one of six women innovating in AEC and Beyond.

Graham-Montgomery-timber v3



Graham is a licensed Structural Engineer with a passion
for innovative construction solutions. He proposes efficient structural designs rooted in a holistic understanding of project goals, while simultaneously working behind the scenes to propel the industry forward through research and testing at the frontier of mass timber construction.

Brehm, Zach



Zach brings a tenacious work ethic, construction engineering expertise, and a knack for solving logistical challenges to all projects. As a licensed Professional Engineer, Zach is meticulous in his constructability reviews, which he applies to estimating work, developing procurement strategy, and coordinating with other trades to yield maximum value.



Trade Partner

Design-build mass timber structures. From engineering through installation, we provide complete systems to meet the cost, schedule, aesthetic, and sustainability goals of your project. With our roots in general construction, we deliver projects safely, efficiently, and with a weather-protection strategy to hand over a beautiful product.
supply partner

Supply Partner

A fully coordinated kit-of-parts delivered to the project site. We provide timber engineering, virtual construction, procurement, logistics, rigging and bracing plans, and installation instructions. If your team has installation covered, this is the path for you.
R&D Partner


Product development and testing. We work with architects, engineers, manufacturers, and academic institutions to develop the next generation of mass timber products with superior structural, fire, and acoustic performance, and prefabricated assemblies that provide value to the overall project. Our partnerships with several research consortiums can help expedite resolution of any testing needed in support of project outcomes.