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Reach New Heights in Sustainable Development

We are experienced builders on a bold mission: to innovate, produce, and deliver mass timber solutions like no other - transforming the built environment and changing the planet’s future.

We’re driven to test new ideas and reach new heights through transparency, collaboration, and creativity. Breaking boundaries and pushing forward with inspired motivation. We see projects through the eyes of the builder. When they say “it won’t work” or “this hasn’t been done before,” we show them how—eliminating speculation and mitigating risk.


To accelerate the mainstream adoption of mass timber in the U.S. commercial construction market to benefit the planet and its people.


A world where buildings have a low carbon footprint and high community impact.


Born from Swinerton Builders, a company known for 130+ years of excellence and innovation, Timberlab grew from the desire to alleviate pinch points in the mass timber industry through ownership of essential services and products that are not widely available in the market.

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Meet the Team

Levi Aldrich

Senior Project Engineer

James Alexander

Brand + Communications

Scott Barton-Smith

Preconstruction Manager

Hans-Erik Blomgren

Senior Engineering Manager

Jon Bornemeier

Assembly Technician

Taylor Cabot

Project Manager

Joshua Carpenter

Assembly Technician

AJ Casteel


Martin Chabot

Production Manager

Ariana Cohn

VDC Engineer

Jared Cooper

Timber Engineer II

Ethan Cotton

Project Manager

Ian Culligan

Lead CNC Technician

Sam Dicke

Business Development Manager

Matthew Elswick

Assembly Technician

Nate Foster

Assistant Project Manager

Jason Gould

Assembly Technician

Cathy Gutierrez

Senior Project Coordinator

Devin Hall

CNC Technician

Daniel Haxton

CNC Manager

Cody Line


Lauren Magasko

VDC Engineer

Steven Morris

Timber Engineer

Jeff Morrow

Business Development Manager

Clayton Peirce

Lead Assembly Technician

Hank Peterson

Assembly Technician

Paige Pugh

Administrative Assistant

Josh Powers

Preconstruction Manager

Mariana Rehacek

VDC Engineer

Rhiannon Reynolds

VDC Engineer

Ian Stokes

Assembly Technician

Jayden Thompson

Assembly Technician

Roger Thrailkill

Assembly Technician

Chad Tonge

VDC Manager

Brooke Whitsell

Timber Engineer

Kyle Wika

Project Manager

Cora Wilson

Financial Manager

Benjamin Wright

Senior VDC Engineer

Alex Wuebben

Senior Project Engineer

Jeff Carveth

Project Engineer

Benjamin Copeland

Assembly Technician

Jason Church

Senior Superintendent

Rusty Howard

Assistant Superintendent

Andrew Shelton

Assistant Superintendent

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