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Medford Rogue Community Center | Medford, OR


Located in the beautiful state of Oregon, the Medford Rogue Credit Union building is a stunning four-story building that boasts an impressive total area of 46,000 square feet and is designed to house the headquarters of the Medford Rogue Credit Union. The Rogue Community Credit Union mass timber project is an impressive building that features notable materials and design elements. The building includes 30 glue-laminated (glulam) columns, 15 hybrid trusses, and 88 cross-laminated timber (CLT) roof panels, covering a 30,000 sq. ft. space that houses two pools (one recreational and one competition), tennis and basketball courts, a gym, and fitness classes.


Owner | Rogue Community Credit Union

Architect | Perkins&Will

Engineer | Holmes

General Contractor | Pence


The building's most notable materials are the glulam/steel hybrid bow-string trusses, which incorporate a 105'1" long glulam beam, making it one of the longest clear-span glulam beams used in a structure.


The building also utilizes 150 KSI high-strength steel tension rods/components, which are four times stronger than typical steel. To protect the steel components from the caustic pool environment, a Tnemec paint coating was applied. The use of these materials and design elements creates a unique and durable building that will stand the test of time.

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